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Think Like An Entrepreneur - The School Of Life Workshop

Entrepreneurship is a major fascination of our times. Even if we don't want to work for ourselves, we need to learn how to think like an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is about much more than just the pursuit of profit. It is a way of thinking that hopes to make the world a better place through innovation and commercial discipline.

 Entrepreneurs are skilled at spotting possibilities and unmet needs, turning everyday frustrations into opportunities. And of course entrepreneurs do more than mull: they make things happen. 

 In this workshop, we learn to become a blue-sky thinker, a hard-headed pragmatist and a rigorous critic. We come up with, and test, new ideas with real-world applications. We cultivate an ability to see opportunities. We engage in critical self-reflection, learning about strengths and weaknesses in our own natures. We also look at ways of dealing with the things that get in the way of action, not least our ideas about failure and risk.