The future has arrived, wanna come for a ride?

It's a new world out here, and we need to adapt, to adjust, to accommodate ourselves to it. It's scary, I know. But it's also exciting, because now more than ever we can redesign our careers, fashion the way we live, reconstruct how we make a living. Moreover, we can take a part in creating this world and directing where it goes. 

I'm on a journey to figure it out, and you're welcome to join the ride.

Nice to meet you

Hi ,I'm Lior. I am an author, entrepreneur, creative freelancer, speaker, consultant. And while this concise self-description sounds impressive - it's also full of bullshit

Because it could imply I figured out life, or how to become X. 

Truth is - I haven't. The only thing I figured out is - how not to let the scary things stop me from doing the exciting ones. And even that took me years of trying and retrying.

I'm 38, based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, married to a girl I'm still in love with.

I have another blog and podcast - both in my funny mother tongue - Hebrew, in which I also published my recent book that turned into a bestseller. It's an alternative career guide - helping the reader create his own ladder. 

Here's what I do.

What are you so scared of?

Many different things. I'm scared my business won't work. I'm scared to let my clients down. I'm scared robots will have the skills I have - and they'll be better and cheaper than myself. I'm scared that my writing won't be good enough, that my products won't attract users, I'm scared to fail 10x more than I succeed. 

And what are you excited about?

I'm excited to try new things. To solve problems I see in the world. I'm excited to try to teach you what I know, and to inspire others to make a change in their lives. I'm excited to try new business models, adapting new habits, getting rid of old ones. I'm excited that you're reading me right now, because it makes a connection between the two of us.

Why should I listen to you?

Well, you shouldn't. At least not without questioning my advice, thinking whether it fits the unique and special you. 

Here's why I feel comfortable to give advice -

I tried a lot

Over the last 15 years I've had multiple careers - as an engineer, project and product manager, CTO, creating websites, online marketing, consulting, speaking around Europe, writing for media publications and four of my own books.

I worked for a big corporate, a medium company, a startups, founded two startups, started my own businesses, and as a freelance I work with all sorts of companies. 

And I keep on learning

Years back, when I thought University is where people learn stuff, I got myself two degrees. MSc. in Electrical Engineering and a Master degree in Philosophy and History of Sciences and Ideas. I wouldn't call it a "total waste of time" but let me tell you - it's not very far from it. 

But I still love learning. I spend two hours (!) a day learning new stuff. New skills. Reading books, listening to podcasts, watching online courses - it's part of my routine. It keeps me updated, and skilled and primed for the new world. 

And I promise not to bullshit

See, the Internet is full of charlatans who teach things they've never tried themselves. Like business consultants that never founded a business on their own; or marketing experts that have never marketed their own product. This trend makes me sick. It's so easy to throw empty advice to the air and all you need is to have some charisma. 

I promise to write about stuff I have experience with - and if you ever feel I am bullshiting you - please let me know ASAP. 

What about some name dropping people like you love doing?

OK - let's get it over with and make my mom proud. I've talked on TEDx (about Smartphone Addiction) and WebSummit, I teach at Digital Accademia (Italy), Israeli College of Management, Tel-Aviv University and The School of Life. I wrote for Wired Magazine and the Israeli equivalent media outlets, and my projects were featured on Forbes, The Next Web, Fast Company, The Huff Po. OK, 

(See the show-off version of this page here.)

Why do you write this blog?

A lot of the things we don't love in our lives can be changed. I know because I learned it the hard way. We're here to help each other get through this life. To help each other create, enjoy, find ourselves. To help each other overcome our fears so we can do the exciting stuff. 

Teaching what I've learned, sharing my thoughts and experience with you - it's what I love doing. It's that simple. Knowing I might be able to make you rethink something you were sure about, retry something you gave up on - it will fill me with joy. 

Are you Scared and Excited too?

Well, you're not alone. Let's do this together.